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Hanover Range


This range is a hidden gem located about 45 min from downtown Colorado Springs. Besides the standard rifle ranges with targets at 100, 200, 300 yards it also includes a 1000 yard range with targets at 100 yard intervals starting at 300 yards.  Hanover also has informal pits which allows for the use of reactive targets and cowboy shooting.  Please read and follow ALL rules Prior to using the range.  Membership ID is required at all times.  Failure to comply can result in expulsion from the club.


Hanover Without Archery

Hanover Range

GPS coordinates
The intersection of Hanover Road and Hammer Road:
North 38 34.671
West 104 34.325

The Range Gate:
North 38 38.520
West 104 33.159

These data are given in WGS84 Datum.

Hanover Range Map


Click on the interactive map above to open in a larger window.

Daisy Chain Locks

When at the gate and you find two or more padlocks daisy-chained together remember to re-lock them properly.