While there is NO construction going on at the 1000-yard range the following applies:

You must have written e-mail permission from the Club President to use the range. Shooters will be scheduled for 2-2 1/2 hrs. at a time, no drive in shooters allowed while scheduled shooter is on site.

Additional requirements/rules will be attached when permission granted.

The Board is trying to make available the resources that we have as soon as possible.  We are all frustrated at the length of time that it is taking to construct the 1000-yard range.  Please follow these procedures to ensure that the membership can continue to use the 1000-yard range.


DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS. Members have been seen driving off the road recently, if the any part of the road from Hanover Rd. to Hammer Rd. is muddy do not drive on the grass, this includes the roadway between gates and on Club property. We have a good relationship with the land lease holder and we would like to keep it that way. Violation can cause loss of membership.

Martin Sobieraj, President

April Newsletter

From the President:

Well the first quarter of the year almost went by without a range incident; on Feb. 9th someone was observed shooting at Falcon after hours. This member threatens the Clubs’ future; we dodged a bullet after last August’s incident but apparently some members do not get the gravity of the situation. A petition started last year to shut down the range as a nuisance; fortunately, it did not get the needed support. We posted the new hours in Nov. 2016 and are on the backs of your badges. When you are caught and we will catch you, we will terminate your membership!
We have openings on the Board; Recording Secretary, Mr. Grob is leaving us to pursue other interests. Memberships Sec. Earl will not run for re-election, Earl and Kathleen Hickman have moved to Pueblo West. Kathleen would like to have someone take over the Treasurers position for the remainder of her term. The remaining Officers will run for re-election. Please consider stepping up and help the Club move forward. Lastly, our webhost is moving out of state, we need someone to manage the Club’s website.

Martin Sobieraj

From the Vice President:

We need to have a very serious discussion about the future of our ranges. There is no way that the Board can determine what an applicant’s mental state is when applying for membership. All we can do is explain the rules and assume that they will follow them. We have 1500 members and two wonderful ranges for only a $100 a year. If you had been all the places that I have, you would know that a $100 a month for ranges equal to ours is equitable. Therefore, we really do have a great shooting capability for minimal money. Yet, some of our members are determined to eliminate our Ranges by their reckless actions. In the last six months, we have had automatic weapons fired and shooting after hours at Falcon, setting off a large explosion and shooting over the berms at Hanover. Knowledge of any one of these events by the right people could cause the closure of the affected range. The Board cannot be at every range all the time and we must depend on our membership to help us ensure that we find and identify those members who are not following the rules. Therefore, everyone must ensure when at the range they observe what is going on and ensure that everyone is following the rules. Do not get into a confrontation with the offender, just get their badge number or license plate and inform a Board member. We all must take an active part in policing our ranges if we want to continue to have them.

Jim Fain

From the Membership Secretary:

This has been an extremely busy renewal season for me. At the end of the renewal time period the club had 157 openings for new members. I sent out all the invitations on March 6th and started the 30 day wait for the deadline. As usual, many were back within 3 days and I could tell they were exited to finally make the list after up to a 3 year wait to join. Human nature being how it is… there is always those who wait until the last minute to respond. So, after daily trips to the post office and to the bank to deposit the dues we are now down to the last few days of last minute responders. To date we have 92 new members, 30 old members who forgot to renew in time and are waiting to see if we still have openings for them on April 7th. With any luck the annual membership drive will be over by the end of May this year which is quite an accomplishment for the club because some years would take until September to completely fill the club.
Along with all this club work & running my business my wife and I have had a new home built and we are literally in the middle of moving. The new house is out of town resulting in a daily commute. There is so much to do at the new home from unpacking to outside landscaping. There simply is not enough time anymore. Nonetheless, it is quite exiting to have a new home that accommodates my wife’s handicap. We are already enjoying the level of independence this has returned to her daily life.
I joined Frontier in 1972. In 1996 I took the plunge and was elected to the board. Ten years later I ran for Membership Secretary and have been serving in that capacity ever since. With all the things needing to be done around our new home, the added commute time, and the need for daily trips to post office and bank I just cannot keep this pace up (might be an age thing too). I have served for quite some time and have decided to step aside and let new blood step in. I will not be seeking re-election.
It has been an honor to serve the Frontier Sportsman’s Club for these many years. I hope to see you all at the range.

Earl Hickman

From A Director at Large:

“YOU IDIOT!” Don’t you understand that you are required to close and securely lock the gate at our Falcon Range upon entrance and when you leave and spin the combination to protect its unauthorized use? I am talking to the member who is leaving the Falcon gate WIDE OPEN over night when he leaves! This person also leaves the lock displaying the combination on the wide-open gate! You read it right; this is an ongoing problem with this “member.” Can he be suffering from some degree of Attention Deficit Disorder or does he just not care about the ramifications of his actions? You know the “hooray for me and to hell with the other 1499 Club members” attitude. One thing is certain. He does not belong in our Club! In plain English, “Mr. Member,” either act responsibly or get out of the Club before you are found and kicked out! Any questions?
Here is how this member is affecting your Club. If the gate is left unsecured and/or open and some youngster chooses to explore this inviting place called a Gun Range and gets hurt, what defense would the Club have? NONE!
The remedy would be for us to spend thousands of your hard-earned dues to install an electronically controlled keycard gate. Every year there would be additional outlays of your dollars for new cards and the mandatory maintenance of the gate. Question: Have you ever experienced the fun of having an electronic gate malfunction when you wish to leave a storage yard? It would be ten times the fun being locked in at Falcon! All this because there is a member who will not close and lock the gate at the Falcon Range! Quite unbelievable, isn’t it?

Jacob (Jay) Rathman

From the Recording Secretary:

I am not running for re-election of Recording Secretary as I expect to be unavailable in the coming years and may not be able to attend the Board Meeting on a regular basis. I would like to thank the members and Board of Directors for their support of the club and myself.
Club members, you need to step up and help the Board of Directors in guiding the club into the future. Talk to any board member about the positions` that will open in September.
I would like to Thank Doc-u-Mart for the printing and mailing of the newsletterS and badges for the club. They have provided great service at a very reasonable cost, and I would recommend them to anyone for simple or complex printing.
Have a safe summer, and shoot often. See you at the Range.

Rex Grob


The 1000 range is coming along slowly, however, weather and equipment failures this year have put us behind.  We anticipate the dirt work will be finished by late this summer if weather and equipment co-operate. The next phase will be the pouring of concrete. No shooting will be allowed until work is finalized and rules for the range written. Please remember that during construction shooting on the 200-300yd. range is prohibited Monday thru Friday.

Shoot safe and be mindful of others during the inconvenience of construction.