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Public sight-in days for 2016 are Sept. 11, 18, 25. If you wish to help set up is at 8 a.m. and shooting starts at 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.


From the Vice President’s Desk:
Martin has given me the task of getting the Falcon Range up to par from an environmental point of view. In order to accomplish that task there are numerous requirements that we must meet. The primarily one being to develop an Environmental Stewardship Plan, get it reviewed by experts and approved by the board. This has been accomplished. The plan details numerous actions that the club must take in order to satisfy the vast number of requirements that the environmental people place upon us.
One of the major actions is to remove the spent lead from the range in a proper manner. The board has hired a very reputable company to remove the spent lead from the rifle and pistol ranges. This will require the Range to be close for a week for lead removal in October or November depending on the weather. We will keep you all informed of the exact date as we get closer and can check on the weather. We need a week of no precipitation.
Another action that we must take is to clean up the clay pigeons and wads from the shotgun range. We must do this because the clay pigeons are acidic and we need to remove them. The current plan is to hire a company who will vacuum up the pigeons and wads and dispose of them properly.
Another action is to control the water runoff from the range and be able to check the acidity of the water periodically. You may have notice the earthen wall between the 100 yard berm and the 100 yard firing line that was built this spring for that purpose.
I will provide periodic updates on our actions as we implement our plan. It is sufficient to note that we are in compliance with the EPA. Please check our website for closure dates; they will be posted on the gate also at least two weeks prior.
Jim Fain

From the Treasurer’s Desk:

Falcon Range is Now at Risk
Last Monday, August 8th, official sundown for our area was 8:02pm. At 8:20pm several of our neighbors around the Falcon Range began calling. Some called Martin and some called Earl. All of them complaining about shooting after hours. Gunshots could even be heard, over the phone, during some of these calls. The calls started around 8:20pm.
Five calls from five different neighbors…! We have now been threatened with lawsuits and a petition to close us down. One caller complained about his mother’s house getting shot in the past, and had he not had reason to call and complain about after hours shooting we probably would never have heard from him. I can only imagine the phone calls to other neighbors to rally against us.
We have been tip toeing around potential range closure for many years. We have stated time and time again that it would take only one incident by one shooter to shut us down. That incident is now folks! One lapse in judgement, one shellfish decision, one lack of awareness and we now have the perfect storm.
According to our Bylaws we must give a member, who has charges or complaints against him/her, 15 days of notice of said complaint. Due to the serious nature of this complaint we contacted the accused and he agreed to meet with us the very next night at our Monthly board meeting, thus foregoing the Bylaw stipulation(s). It was not a pleasant meeting. In the member’s defense, he was very contrite and very understanding. The member has been suspended. The President, Martin, will be calling all those who complained and attempt to placate them. If the petition was started there may be no stopping this. It really is “just a matter of time” and I believe the time is now.
We demand every member to step up and abide by the rules. I personally think that we should all cease shooting 30 minutes prior to sundown for the next several months. Of course this would require awareness on our part of knowing sundown times, and just how hard is that with all our smart phones and contraptions? Folks we “playing” with deadly weapons whenever we are at the range and a lackadaisical approach to this activity is a recipe for disaster. Know where you are, when you are, who is around you, what time it is, and where that projectile is going at all times. There is absolutely no excuse for situational unawareness on our ranges … period!
Sundown … as defined by Frontier Sportsman’s Club is: When the bright orange ball in the sky sinks below the majestic mountains to the west. If there are clouds…figure it out! Use your head people!

Kathleen Hickman

From a Director’s Desk:
An Open Letter to all Members
I hope this makes you mad as hell and that you will do your part to help remedy the situation, when given the opportunity!
The Club has long wanted to add metal targets to the other mediums of shooting. It was a long uphill challenge. The location had to be chosen with care. Safety being a prime concern. The layout of the metal target range had to take several parameters into consideration. The Metal Target Range was built, the targets deployed and signs posted that specified “LEAD BULLETS ONLY” at our last work day at Hanover. These targets are only rated for only NON-JACKETED and NON-MAGNUM usage. The cost of the targets vs the “Fun Factor” for Club members was carefully weighed. The Board of Directors takes their fiduciary responsibilities very seriously and the out lay of “your” monies is subject to a lot of scrutiny — believe me! At long last we finally found “an affordable” metal targets to see if the users were ADULT enough use them properly.
Believe it or not, some self-serving, to hell with everyone else in the Club member riddled and destroyed several of “your” metal targets using metal jacketed bullets! Not out of ignorance, but just plain disregard for “Your” property and safety. I hope this miserable excuse for an ADULT really enjoyed screwing everything up for the other 1499 Club members! Because here is what he or she achieved… The Board of Directors may be forced to withdraw and sell all the metal targets because of cost vs benefit concerns. If these “affordable” targets were respected, the Board was entertaining deploying metal targets for High Powered Rifle and Pistols of various configuration at ranges up to 1,000 yards. Can you imagine the fun so many members would have shooting “metal” at those ranges? But, that self-serving SOB that destroyed the Lead Only targets, has put this on – perhaps permanent hold!
If anyone is caught destroying “Your” property they will be expelled from the Club. Their behavior will be exposed in the next newsletter. They will be charged for the damages and a letter will be forwarded to every shooting facility in southern Colorado apprising them of this individual’s conduct.
The Board of Directors will do our very best to represent and protect your interests – guaranteed! Thank you for your trust and support.

+Jacob Rathman

Calendar of Events:.
September 15 Election Meeting 7.00 PM The Retired & Enlisted Assn
September 11, 18, 25. Public Sight In (Set up at 8am) Falcon Range 9 a.m. until 3 p.m
December 26

Calendar Updates

June 25 — Hanover Range Work Day — Please volunteer!

July 15 — Nominations for Club Officers opens — Notify Jacob Rathman Jacob@ (719) 266-8987. Please refer to Bylaws for eligibility of office.

August 15 — Nominations for Club Officers closes. Ballot to be mailed with newsletter no later than Aug 24.

September 15, 7:00 PM — Annual Election Meeting Retired Enlisted Association

December 26 — Annual Renewal Forms on website

1000 yard Range Construction Update

The 1000 range is coming along nicely, however, weather this year caused a slowdown moving dirt.  We anticipate the dirt work will be finished by late 2016 if weather and equipment co-operate. The next phase will be the pouring of concrete. No shooting will be allowed until work is finalized and rules for the range written. Please remember that during construction shooting on the 200-300yd. range is prohibited Monday thru Friday.

Please be mindful of others during the inconvenience of construction.

Martin Sobieraj
President FSC