Hanover Range

Range Rules

GPS coordinates

The intersection of Hanover Road and Hammer Road:

North 38 34.671
West 104 34.325

The Range Gate:

North 38 38.520
West 104 33.159

These data are given in WGS84 Datum.

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View a larger map of Frontier Sportsman’s Club Hanover Range.
How to daisy chain locks.

How to daisy chain locks.

When at the gate and you find two or more padlocks daisy-chained together remember to re-lock them properly.

Range Rules

  1. The Club is not responsible for accidents. All participate at their own risk.
  2. Absolutely no intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises.
  3. All firearms will be kept open & empty until on the firing line & during all “cease fires”.
  4. All shooting will be into range backstops (berms). Paper targets are to mounted on target frames constructed to Club specifications (see website). No metallic targets or silhouettes are permitted at Falcon Range, however, they are allowed at Hanover in the informal ranges only. No glass or appliances may be used as targets.
  5. The shotgun area is at the west side on both properties. All shooting will be to the northeast. Shot size no larger than #2 birdshot. Shotgun shooters at Falcon Range must not fire to the right of the white marker & “Cease Fire” will apply when shooters from the 200 & 300 yard ranges are down range tending their targets.
  6. All members are required to keep the premises clean & orderly.
  7. Target frames are required for each shooter, positioned directly in front of the shooter’s position. At Hanover Range target frames are not required in the 2 informal ranges.
  8. All target frames must be placed in the provided target frame holders.
  9. Hanover Range:
    No restriction to shooting times  24/7
    Falcon Range shooting times:
    Mar 1 – Oct 31th         8:00am – 6:00pm
    Nov 1 – Feb 28(29)   8:00am – 4:00pm
    Without exception, violation of shooting times will result in expulsion from club.
  10. Fully automatic firearms or mechanically altered firearms that increase the rate of fire are not permitted at Falcon range. At Hanover Range they are permitted in the informal ranges (2) only.
  11. During “Cease Fire” firearms shall be cleared, chamber empty, magazine or priming device removed. No firearms, cased or uncased, will be handled, loaded or unloaded from vehicles. Shooters must move away from their shooting benches & remain clear of them & behind Red Line where provided unless you are down range or policing brass. At Falcon, a cease fire affects 100, 200, & 300 yard ranges inclusively.
  12. Uncased firearms must be pointed downrange or straight up when being handled.
  13. All members must wear or display membership badges when on Club property.
  14. No tracers or explosives of any type will be allowed on any range.
  15. Shooting benches must be positioned on the concrete pad. All shooters must observe the same firing line. Shooting from ground, seated or prone, must be beside the bench.
  16. No hunting will be allowed on club property.
  17. Handguns with barrels shorter than 5 ½ inches may only be fired on the pistol ranges at Falcon & Hanover or the Informal ranges at Hanover.
  18. No center fire rifles are allowed on the 7/10yd. firing line @ Falcon.
  19. Any violation of these rules could subject members to expulsion from the Club.
Please retain this set of rules and report any violations to an officer of the Club. Information should include the date, time, and nature of the violation and the name or membership number of the person involved.Top For printing: Range Rules * Target-Frame.pdf