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Driving Hazards at Hanover

Douglas A Lesh  | Published on 10/12/2020
As many of you may have noticed driving to Hanover, it is extremely dry. Besides the fire danger, another danger is the amount of dust that is generated when driving on Hammer road and our road to the range. With enough dust, visibility can be significantly reduced. Keep in mind that cattle can be anywhere on the road from Hanover road all the way up to our gate into the actual range as well as other vehicles. Unfortunately there was a driver that did not make adjustments for the lack of visibility. A southbound vehicle crossing the cattle guard was suddenly spotted in the dust cloud and the northbound vehicle swerved to miss it and hit a sturdy steel pipe post in the fence line. The post gave its all, but it stopped the vehicle. Bottom line, drive at a speed that when you crest a hill and a cow is standing on the other side in the road or another vehicle is in the middle of the road that you can stop or safely maneuver around while staying on the road. Tell your guests too