We are closing the Falcon Range on June 22 & 23. An unfortunate incident occurred between May 16 and 18, a large caliber bullet struck a home next to the microwave tower. The path of the bullet was in direct line with our rifle range. The bullet went through a window and a closet door across a playroom. This is not the first occurrence for these home owners, I talked with them at length, while not admitting fault I told them we would pay for the damages and investigate the incident. The wife was somewhat distraught because they are hosting their grand-daughter’s wedding in the room where the bullet went through; she asked if I would close the range for two days. At the regular Board meeting on Tuesday, we discussed the matter and closure approved.

We cannot afford this type of incident if we want to keep Falcon open. Some member violated basic safety  protocols, was it an accidental discharge, was it deliberate, or just plain stupidity? Matters not because we will never know who was at fault, but it is a wake up call for all of us.


Martin Sobieraj, President


   Effective Apr.2, 2018 the 200/300 and 1000yd. ranges are closed. Pioneer Sand will be building up the 1000 and putting in a parking level. Other improvements will be accomplished during this time frame. Anticipated opening is 4 May 2018.
   Would the parties involved in the incident at the Hanover pistol range Friday please contact me, I have your target frames. I’d also like to know the extent of your injuries.
thank you for your time,
Martin Sobieraj, President


While there is NO construction going on at the 1000-yard range the following applies:

You must have written e-mail permission from the Club President to use the range. Shooters will be scheduled for 2-2 1/2 hrs. at a time, no drive in shooters allowed while scheduled shooter is on site.

Additional requirements/rules will be attached when permission granted.

The Board is trying to make available the resources that we have as soon as possible.  We are all frustrated at the length of time that it is taking to construct the 1000-yard range.  Please follow these procedures to ensure that the membership can continue to use the 1000-yard range.


DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS. Members have been seen driving off the road recently, if the any part of the road from Hanover Rd. to Hammer Rd. is muddy do not drive on the grass, this includes the roadway between gates and on Club property. We have a good relationship with the land lease holder and we would like to keep it that way. Violation can cause loss of membership.

Martin Sobieraj, President