Committee Volunteers Wanted

Range Safety & Improvement Committee – Volunteers needed

At the most recent club meeting the board members heard the numerous concerns of members.  With that in mind the FSC board is establishing a committee responsible for the planning and long-term implementation of safety upgrades and best practices.  This will include range safety improvements, community outreach, record keeping, and safety plan procedures and documentation.

The committee will consist of at least three member volunteers and one board member.

Volunteers with backgrounds in project management, construction, long term planning and anyone with great organizational skills are preferred but everyone will be considered.  Candidates should be good with conflict resolution.  To minimize turnover and promote the continuation of the planned projects volunteers should view this as a long-term commitment.  Time commitment overall should be minimal but there will be limited occasions requiring more work.

Committee members will be sent to the NRA Range Development & Operations Conference in Denver this coming October 6-8.

The immediate focus of the committee will be the Falcon range; however, this should not be taken as a slight to the Hanover range.  The board is committed to the preservation and improvement of both locations.  Both locations are necessary for the future of the club.

The point of contact for the committee is board member Neisha Heidelberg.

Note from Neisha: I am excited to be the boards representative for this vital project.  I want to ensure the clubs future for my children and I think we have every chance of making it a certainty.  There is some serious talent among the membership of Frontier Sportsman’s Club.  I know we will do great things together.

Neisha Heidelberg

Recording Secretary

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